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Presbytery of Northeastern New Jersey Updates

Updated: Apr 4

A Message from Our Presbytery Co-Leaders

Today is the last time we will publish the newsletter using the format you see. Next week, you will receive a newly designed format that is the result of our work with the company, Digital Congregations. Our communications audit identified several areas to work on and I want to highlight two of them below - Design and Content.


Design: The current design of our emails was not supporting our communications efforts because there was no visual prioritization of information to help you, the reader, know what was most important. The visual clutter and abundance of text were all contributing to an email that was difficult to process and therefore to read.


Content: There was also a great deal of redundancy in the content we were sending you each week and the newsletter had turned into a community bulletin board instead of a

strategic communication tool for the Presbytery.


So, next week, you will see the result of our work to resolve these communication efforts - a more simple design with less redundancy.

Steve Huston

Organizing Co-Leader & Resource Presbytery Friends,

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