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Presbytery of Northeastern New Jersey Updates

Updated: Jun 24

I've attended anniversary celebrations for a number of churches this spring. At a recent gathering the guest speaker shared a popular quote that states, "A legacy isn't something you leave to someone. A legacy is something you leave in someone."

Each of us, through our faithful actions and words has the power to shape the legacy we leave behind. It's not just about the material possessions or the tangible accomplishments we amass in our lifetimes. Rather, it's about the intangible yet enduring impression we make on the hearts and minds of others.

Think about the mentors who have guided you, the Sunday teachers who have inspired you, and the pastoral leaders who have paved the way for your journey of faith. Their legacy lives on not only in what they achieved, but in the lives they touched and the values they instilled.

As members of this presbytery, we are entrusted with a sacred responsibility to cultivate a legacy that enriches and empowers those who follow in our footsteps. Whether it's through nurturing the next generation of leaders, fostering a spirit of compassion and service, or simply being a source of strength and encouragement to those in need, our actions today sow the seeds of a legacy that will endure far beyond our time.

Let us embrace this opportunity with humility and determination, knowing that each act of kindness, each word of wisdom, and each expression of faith has the potential to leave an indelible mark on the fabric of our community and beyond.

What legacy do you want to leave in people and what legacy do you want this presbytery and its congregations to leave in the people we are called to serve?

Steve Huston

Organizing Co-Leader

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