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Nice to meet you!

Welcome to the Prospect family! Our staff and congregation is always happy to welcome new members to our church, regardless of arbitrary divisions like race, gender, sexual orientation, or class.

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"Our goal should be to make sure that fifty years from now the Prospect Church will be alive and ministering to whoever will be living in this community."

-Rev. Gus Warfield, 1965

Before it was the norm, and continuing today, Prospect has...

  • Welcomed people from different religious backgrounds;

  • Recruited women to join its Boards at a time when most church Boards were all men;

  • Started a World Fellowship Weekend in the early 1960s to celebrate the church’s diversity and to welcome foreigners;

  • Actively appealed to African-American families to attend Prospect at a time when most churches in the area were not racially diverse;

  • Embraced diversity of opinions by openly discussing issues like poverty, war, and other social issues;

  • Welcomed people regardless of gender identity and sexual orientation.  

Our Mission

The mission ministry at Prospect invites us to respond to God’s call to love and service. Whether helping members of all ages pack lunches for distribution to the homeless at Newark Penn Station, helping host or feed those who are homeless as guests in our church, or responding to another need in the community, we are seeking to discover where God is leading, calling and working. 

Christian Faith Formation

Our ConnectEd Christian formation classes help form and shape us as Christians. Classes connect us to the Scriptures, God, each other and to our world. ConnectEd classes for everyone, from toddlers to seniors, occur before Sunday services.

Worship at Prospect is Scripture-focused and all ConnectEd classes study the same Bible reading and theme included in the later worship service.

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A History of Diversity

Since before it was the norm, Prospect has...


Welcomed People of Different Religious Backgrounds



During the 1960s

to celebrate the congregation's diversity in spite of the racially charged and fearful time period in history

Started a "World Fellowship Weekend"


Recruited Women

To join church boards at a time when most church boards were exclusively male



appealed to


At a time when most churches were not racially diverse



Welcomed people regardless of sexuality or sexual 





Prospect has embraced diversity of opinion by openly discussing issues like poverty, war, and social issues

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