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The deacons lead the congregation in executing acts of caring service.

about the deacons

The Deacons lead the congregation in carrying out ministries of caring and service. Each month one of the deacons is the primary contact for the deacons’ ministry. To contact the deacons for assistance, check the news and events for the current Deacon of the Month contact information.

Blood pressure screenings

The Deacons sponsor blood pressure screenings to help keep our congregation healthy. Blood pressure screenings occur on the fourth Sunday of every month in a classroom following the worship service.


Stop by and have your blood pressure checked!

When church members are in need, the DEacons can help

Below are some suggestions of when to call the church office:

When you or a family member is sick or in the hospital;

When there is a death in the family; when there is a birth in the family;

When you need prayers or counseling or spiritual care;

When you are planning a marriage;

When you are moving or you get a new neighbor;

When you would like communion served at home.


For any type of assistance, please contact the church office at 973-763-2090 or email


Check out the Deacons' bulletin board for information on town and county-wide health fairs, information sessions, health screenings, and blood drives.

Deacons' benevolent gift program

The Deacons' Benevolent Gift program is one aspect of the Deacon’s mission to nurture the well-being of our congregation. The Benevolent Gift program provides monetary assistance to those in financial need, with discretion and complete respect for privacy. The financial assistance is a gift requires no repayment. The Deacons offer special thanks to those whose generosity assures the viability of this program.


To request assistance from the Benevolent Gift program, please approach the Deacon of the Month indicated on the news and events page or Pastor Rick Boyer, and the Deacons will prayerfully consider the request.

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