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Prospect Church’s Stewardship Campaign for 2022-2023 is underway.

Our congregants’ pledges, and gifts fulfilling those pledges, have enabled the Prospect family to maintain hope through our life together. As we move forward many ministries have been restored. We are planning for a bright future through the Matthew 25 initiative and building on our strengths.  Your pledge is a very personal decision—we hope that you can meet or exceed last year’s commitment.

Pledge Form

If this isn't your first pledge, the suggested pledge increase from last year's pledge is 2% - 3%, or more if you can.

Pledge Amount x 1.02 = 2% Increase

Pledge Amount x 1.03 = 3% Increase


Your information is encrypted and will be sent securely and directly to our financial secretary.

Success! Thank you so much for your pledge!

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