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Prospect Church’s Stewardship Campaign for 2023-2024 is underway.

We are all beginning a new phase in our congregation:  for many of us, the first pastoral search we have ever experienced! The Stewardship communications described the many ways we can contribute to Prospect's future during this time. This will be a period of rebirth for our congregation during which we will learn, grow and succeed.  We must remember, though, that our future will not be realized overnight. 

We need your financial pledge to plan for the coming year, and a healthy pledge history will help us in recruiting our new pastor.  It is with this sense of realism and dedication in mind that we, the Stewardship Campaign team for 2023-2024, ask you to renew your pledge  of financial and spiritual support for Prospect Church.

Pledge Form

If this isn't your first pledge, the suggested pledge increase from last year's pledge is 2% - 3%, or more if you can.

Pledge Amount x 1.02 = 2% Increase

Pledge Amount x 1.03 = 3% Increase

Your information is encrypted and will be sent securely and directly to our financial secretary.

Success! Thank you so much for your pledge!

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