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Don't Miss Out!

Prospect Church sends out all information by email. If you'd like to subscribe to our main email list, Use this link: Subscribe to Prospect Emails.

That is the main email list and includes our weekly Friday email with the information for Sunday's worship as well as the announcements for the week. You will also receive the links to the Monday, Wednesday, Friday guided meditation series, "Take a Break. Take a Breath."


Rita Boyer, our Certified Christian Educator, prepares study guides each week for the coming Sunday's focus reading. Those emails come out on Monday mornings and there is the version for adults or for families to use. ("Weekday Worship", or "Preparing at Home".)

Other email lists include those for Parents- the list would be based on the age of the child.

If you would like to receive the study guides or sign up for the ConnectEd emails based on your children's ages, please contact the church office.

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