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Prospect is Switching to a New Giving Platform

Prospect is now using Tithely as the provider of our online giving platform. The finance ministry and the staff have made the switch for a variety of reasons. The difference you will notice is that you will once again be receiving statements only from Prospect, not from Presbyterian Foundation/Vanco. If you currently give a recurring gift through Vanco, either on a credit card or direct withdrawal from your bank, we encourage you to switch to Tithely. Directions to do so are below. The rates for the service will decrease as we have more people using the service, so please join us in the switch.

A. You might have a Vanco Mobile Payments app on your phone

(it looks like a purple V). Log in there and cancel the payments.


B. If you didn’t download the app, go to this link:, log in and you can make the adjustments there. (If you need help with account, Jose might be able to help)

There you can set up an account and a recurring gift as well.

To use the text to give option:

Text the word “give” to (866)863-1392. You will receive a text back with a link to set up the account & where you would like to give from (bank, credit card) and if it should be recurring. It takes about one minute. From then on, anytime you want to give, you just text the amount you want to give to that number.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the office staff or James Jones.

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