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Session Highlights - May 2022

At the session meeting this week, several important things happened.

First, the session gave final approval to enter into a one-year consultant contract to guide the congregation and leadership in conversations about “dismantling structural racism.” This is the first crucial step to carry out Prospect’s commitment to the Matthew 25 vision. Watch for more details about the process over the summer.

Second, the session approved the recommendations of the deacons work group. Key recommendations reorganized the responsibilities of the deacons, reduced the term for deacons from three years to two years and kept the number of deacons on the board at twelve.

Third, the session spent over an hour in conversation with the Rev. Greg Horn, the liaison from the Presbytery of Northeast New Jersey Commission on Ministry. Greg gave the session an overview of the transition process that begins when the pastor retires. He provided a great deal of information that will take time to process. As a result of this time, Rick will recommend specific goals for the session and pastor to accomplish over the next year.

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