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Prospect Book Club November Selection

In light of the special guest speaker we will have on October 23, The Prospect Book Club has decided to read The Cause of Freedom: A Concise History of African Americans

by Jonathan Scott Holloway. Dr. Holloway is currently the 21st President of Rutgers University, a Distinguished Professor, historian and author and will be speaking at Prospect Church on October 23rd.

Book Excerpt from :

" .....At a moment when political debates grapple with the nation's obligation to

acknowledge and perhaps even repair its original sin of racialized

slavery, The Cause of Freedom tells a story about our capacity and willingness to realize the ideal articulated in the country's founding document, namely, that all people were created equal."

The book is 160 pages and available all all of the major booksellers, libraries, and there are a few copies available to borrow from a church member. All are encouraged to read the book before or after October 23, as well as participating in worship at Prospect on that day- either in person or online.

The book will be discussed at the next meeting on Wednesday, November 16th at 7:30pm on zoom. Log on details will be included here before the meeting.

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