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Presbytery of Northeasten New Jersey Updates

Updated: May 17

February Presbytery Meeting

Latest Presbytery Newsletter

Message from Our Presbytery Co-Leaders

Presbyters gathered for worship and work at the Stated Meeting of the Presbytery

of Northeast New Jersey on Tuesday, February 21st at 7PM via zoom. Highlights of the gathering included: Worship included a meditation entitled “I Have a Dream” given by Rev. Rodney Haveman of New Jersey Together — Bergen County. He challenged presbyters to consider what they, individually and as congregations, are known for, and then to use that identity to reshape the world. He also shared with the presbytery about the work of NJ Together which is an organization that works with churches to reduce costs related to clean energy through group purchasing. Rev. Dr. Elieen Lindner presented the 2023 grant application from the Community Ministries Commission. She shared that they are looking to support new and expanding mission initiatives. Davaughn Hoots a member of the Community Ministries Commission spoke to the presbytery about the impact of online ministry presence reminding them to engage both the people who are physically in the room as well as those who aren’t.

The Committee on Ministry gave their report regarding new positions filled and a candidate to join within the Presbytery and the adoption of an administrative commission. Elder Elise Bates-Russell reported on Johnsonburg Camp and Retreat Center. She shared that the capital campaign has reached $1.5 million, and that summer camp registration is now open and about the success of the social justice cohort program that is now being used elsewhere in the country. David Staniunas shared about the work of Presbyterian Historical Society. He shared that as the denomination’s archives they are available to store and properly care for permanent records from congregations such as rolls registers and minutes.

The Nominating Committee presented its report and the new members who will be filling in vacant positions. The full re-cap with more information and links to contact participants who spoke is here.

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