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Library in Limpopo

Prospect Church Member and former ConnectEd teacher, Elizabeth Matli has returned to South Africa. She is teaching in a school and sees a need.

Prospect is partnering with a school in the Limpopo province at Mathibela village, South Africa to build a library of books in their school which will provide the gift of childhood literacy to hundreds of kids in that region. We will do this by purchasing books online at Bargain Bookstore and Elizabeth will coordinate delivery to the school. If you are interested in supporting this program you can do so by sending a check to Prospect(mark "SA Literacy" in memo), donating online or through your app.

Elizabeth is passionate about getting books to the village. She describes the first time she went to a library in the city as "magical". "Books never judged me or told me I wasn't good enough." In the US, we take for granted the access that our children have to books. Elizabeth wants this feeling for the children of the village. Elizabeth's appeal (from July 10 worship):

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