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In Person Worship at Prospect to Resume!

We are pleased to announce that Prospect will again begin gathering for in person worship as of February 27, at 10:30 am in the church sanctuary. We will also continue to stream the worship. Having both live and streaming services allows each of you to participate in worship in the format with which you are most comfortable. This decision enables us to meet our fundamental values of inclusion and safety.

We recognize that all of us will re-engage with in person activities at differing rates. Feeling safe and secure and the factors that cause us to feel safe and secure differ for each of us. Recognizing this difference, we urge everyone to be kind and compassionate as we take this next step in the pandemic journey. Please reach out to me with your questions, concerns, and desire to pray together.

In order to provide clear expectations for in person worship, we want to share the protocols we will follow starting July 4th:

  • Worship leaders will be placed at least twenty feet from everyone else and may be maskless. All others present will wear a mask. Greeters will have extra masks for those without. This is for the safety of children and those who are vulnerable. As Christians we express our love by caring for the vulnerable among us.

  • The first three pews will remain empty.

  • Communion, when celebrated, will be served in individually sealed containers. Greeters, wearing gloves, will place the containers on a table just inside the door for you to pick up.

  • Words for hymns will be on the screens, but only the cantor will sing.

  • Congregational prayers and responses will be shared in softer tones.

  • No bulletins or announcements will be printed for distribution. If you would like to have a printed bulletin, please print it at home and bring it with you. (Contact the Church Office before Sunday if you do not have the ability to print out a bulletin.)

  • The nursery for pre-school childcare during worship is now open, children should wear masks.

  • Physical distance should be observed when possible. Please be sensitive to the concerns of those around you.

  • Worship will be thirty to forty minutes long.

  • There will be no Children’s Chat.

  • Fellowship time will be outside in the Memorial Garden. At this time we are not able to provide food or drinks. However, we encourage you to nurture and sustain one another with warm smiles and good conversation. Masks are not required outside.

We recognize that this is a great deal to absorb. While some of the protocols may seem overly strict, we act out of an abundance of caution in keeping with our values of safety and inclusion.

In closing, I want to express my deep gratitude to the Re-opening Task Force. They approached this work with a great deal of compassion, sensitivity, research, and knowledge. The combined wisdom of this group often astounded me. I am also grateful to the Prospect congregation. We have journeyed through this pandemic together even though apart. Ministry teams, deacons and the session worked creatively to sustain all of us. While we do not know exactly what will happen over the next months, we do know one thing: God’s love and presence is sure.

In Christ,

Rick Boyer

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