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Family Promise Updates

Updated: Sep 1

Family Promise of Essex has several programs going that they would like you to know about.

Family Promise of Essex County is holding a fundraising walk on October 16th. Gather up a team! more details and registration.

Circles is about building intentional relationships across income lines. While middle-income and high-income families enjoy networks of support through their jobs, schools, and neighborhoods, families living in poverty rarely develop such contacts. Many who live in poverty are hardworking and motivated. When a circle of support forms around them, advice is offered, contacts are shared, and the fears that keep people in poverty start to disappear. If you are interested in getting involved

visit FPE Circles website.

A Gift Card Drive is being held through September 9. The gift cards are distributed to families in the network to help them get through the month and make ends meet. The most requested gift cards are Target, Shoprite, Uber/Lyft and gas station cards. If you would like to donate a gift card, send directly to Family Promise of Essex (47 Park Street, Montclair, NJ 07042) or bring to Prospect's offices/offering plate and we will make sure they get to FPE.

You can check out the Family Promise of Essex website for housing updates, current projects and ways to give directly to them.

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