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If you or someone you know is having difficulty accessing worship and other online opportunities at Prospect, we are starting a tech deacon ministry. Tech deacons will provide assistance to anyone who requests help. The help ranges from teaching and coaching someone, assessing equipment and working with the church to find needed equipment so that anyone who wishes to participate in Prospect’s online ministries is able to do so. All of this is provided as a ministry of the church with no charge.

  • lisa26365

Barbara Quackenbos, a church member and elder, has created a website to memorialize those who have died from the Covid-19 pandemic. The result is a free memorial website that enables anyone to memorialize a family member, friend, neighbor or colleague. The website is:

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Updated: 6 days ago

May 2, Alex Thompson spoke about his own Remembering, Reconnecting and Reimagining...and what Prospect means to him in that journey.

May 2 Minute for Stewardship.

April 25, Dick Lunde spoke about what a pledge is vs. a gift...Do you know the difference?

April 25 Minute for Stewardship

On April 18, Tamara Connolly and Elizabeth Matli spoke about "Reconnecting".

Watch their video here.

On April 11, LeRoy Lambert spoke about "Remembering".

Watch his video here.

If these stories have inspired you to make your pledge, go to our secure pledge page,

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