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Updated: 4 days ago

The following is from an announcement made by Sandra Eismann on April 16th during worship.

Last month the lunch preparation took on a very different look. We did not bag lunches and we didn’t deliver the food on Sunday like we have been doing. In the last year, our ministry team realized that we could reach more in need and utilize our resources more fully if we could partner with people pursuing the same goals. With God‘s good grace, and some very active investigation, ministry members found Solidarity Path , a

grassroots community group providing food three mornings, a week at Peter Francisco Park in Newark. More than three years ago, a woman named Regina was moved by a true conversion of heart to help those congregated around the PATH station she passed every day on her way back-and-forth to work. They were in need of food. She started one morning with a card table and a bag of homemade sandwiches. Someone came along and offered to help. And another and another and another, until now, with a donated converted van, they call “the bus”, she and her all-volunteer crew distribute hundreds of meals, lunch items and other food items three mornings a week. If you can ever accompany us and see firsthand their work, your already loving and very caring hearts will be moved.

We will start out small- one Sunday a month as usual, we will gather together in Fellowship Hall. We will assemble sandwiches, refrigerating what is needed and bring it to "The Bus" on Tuesday morning. Prospect as a community based faith and service and the possibilities for us are infinite! After all, Regina only started out with a card table and a bag of sandwiches.

This endeavor, along with our monthly (Third Saturday) food drive, form the core of the Prospect Hunger Program and both are in need of volunteers. Our church community, based in faith and service, can and does make a difference. Please consider lending your time and talents to this effort. Want to know more? Contact Sandra Eismann, or any committee member.

Solidarity Path Project's instagram account:

Solidarity Path Project's gofundme page:

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Updated: Aug 31

The flower committee is ready to accept chancel flower memorials at this time. Please contact the office with the name of the person to be honored/memorialized and the date you would like to reserve. The contribution is $40, payable to "Presbyterian Women".

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Prospect is now using Tithely as the provider of our online giving platform. The finance ministry and the staff have made the switch for a variety of reasons. The difference you will notice is that you will once again be receiving statements only from Prospect, not from Presbyterian Foundation/Vanco. If you currently give a recurring gift through Vanco, either on a credit card or direct withdrawal from your bank, we encourage you to switch to Tithely. Directions to do so are below. The rates for the service will decrease as we have more people using the service, so please join us in the switch.

A. You might have a Vanco Mobile Payments app on your phone

(it looks like a purple V). Log in there and cancel the payments.


B. If you didn’t download the app, go to this link:, log in and you can make the adjustments there. (If you need help with account, Jose might be able to help)

Then: go to Prospect’s giving page and set up a Tithely account:

There you can set up an account and a recurring gift as well.

To use the text to give option:

Text the word “give” to (866)863-1392. You will receive a text back with a link to set up the account & where you would like to give from (bank, credit card) and if it should be recurring. It takes about one minute. From then on, anytime you want to give, you just text the amount you want to give to that number.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the office staff or James Jones.

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