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Updated: May 25

Johnsonburg summer camp is part of the good memories of many of the young people who have grown up at Prospect. Have your child be the next one to share the good J'burg vibes.

Johnsonburg Camp and Conference Center is located in picturesque northwestern New Jersey, only about 45 minutes from Maplewood.

Summer camp is available for overnights starting at first grade through twelfth, with a variety of options and dates for each level. Check out the summer camp tab at

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Updated: Mar 29

While the plight of the people of Ukraine is half a world away, there are things that we can do from right here.


A prayer from --Rev. Dr. Laurie Kraus, Director, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

God of mercy, justice and peace, our spirits are heavy with sorrow, our souls shocked at the sudden and breathtaking violence, the invasion of Ukraine by their neighbor, Russia.

We pray for lives caught in the grip of war, who hear the bombs in the night, the ominous movement of troops on the road into town the whistle of incoming shells, for a cry from a desperate neighbor or a shout of warning. For those who huddle in subways and basements or flee for the borders, clutching their children’s hands. We pray for families separated from fathers, brothers and sons who must remain to fight and

protect their homeland. We pray for neighbors in Eastern and Central Europe as their hearts and doors open to these refugees. That strained resources will become an abundance of hope. That fears and struggles with racism will yield to a generosity of profound welcome. That communities of faith within Ukraine will be protected from harm and sustained in their efforts to feed and shelter their neighbors. That peacemakers and protesters in Russia will be heard and their lives preserved.

May we undergird our prayers with tangible resources to help. May we reach deeply, give generously, and welcome extravagantly. May we lift our voices in a strong and unified advocacy. May we all, even as we breathe in lament, breathe out mercy, hope and peace. And in this Lenten season, when we walk the way toward death and resurrection, repent our complicity in cultures of violence and renew our efforts toward justice and peace.


Holy Ascension Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA in Maplewood has collected donations of much needed clothing and household supplies for families and relatives in Ukraine. Holy Ascension is working with area Ukrainian churches sending ongoing

shipments to families and relatives. “They need supplies we can buy here and send to them” said the Rev. Sviatoslav Hot, the church priest. The church is only still collecting some specific medical supplies, but cash donations will be used to help with shipping costs, with the remainder used for distributing the donations or other humanitarian efforts. Donations of money can be brought to the church, 652 Irvington Ave. Please contact coordinator Olena Kondryshyn at 908 514 1611.

Globally through Presbyterian Disaster Assistance UPDATE: This article tells of the work that the Presbyterian Disaster assistance funds are doing and how much was raised in the first three weeks. Presbyterian Disaster Assistance's response: The current Russian invasion that started on February 24 follows eight years of conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Hundreds of thousands of people across the country are enduring bombings and assault by Russian military forces; and have lost power, been cut off from water and fuel. As people head toward the western regions, there is a shortage of food and other basic supplies. The reports of displaced persons inside

Ukraine continue to rise every day, already in the hundreds of thousands. The UN anticipates that as many as 6.7 million will be displaced internally. Likewise, Ukrainians are fleeing to neighboring countries, primarily to Poland, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, while others have moved to other European countries. Again, current estimates from the UN are that the refugee numbers could also reach several million. These borders have remained open until now even as lines are growing. Partners are raising particular concern for the women and young children who make up the majority of the refugees as many men are now barred from leaving the country. As part of the international humanitarian community, PDA urges that governments and non-governmental organizations provide assistance without discrimination due to concerns for the Roma and people of other nationalities who have also been displaced by the conflict. In the midst of the chaos, there are sibling churches and ecumenical partners who are already providing assistance with basic items for survival. Initial assistance being provided includes shelter, food, clothing, blankets, baby food and diapers, other hygiene supplies, flashlights and candles, generators and fuel. Our first priority is to provide funding to these partners on the ground. While the scale of this crisis is new, receiving refugees from Ukraine and other countries in Central and Eastern Europe is not, which means we have trusted, established partners with the knowledge and expertise to carry out this important work. In fact, One Great Hour of Sharing — the single largest way that Presbyterians come together every year to provide hope, help and relief — was started in response to refugees coming out of Europe.

Our response to the situation in Ukraine will include both financial and technical assistance as the network of faith communities providing humanitarian assistance grows in the months ahead. You can give to PDA through Prospect Church (noting Ukraine Relief in donation) or online directly to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance or by texting PDAUKR to 41444.

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Updated: 2 days ago

Latest Presbytery Newsletter

Message from Our Presbytery Co-Leaders

Presbyters gathered for worship and work at the 5th Stated Meeting of the Presbytery

of Northeast New Jersey on Tuesday, February 15th at 7PM via zoom. Highlights of the gathering included:

  • Worship with a sermon by Elder Elise Bates-Russell and music provided by Rev. Barb Piercy and the Caldwell congregation and by Elder Aaron Melton of Old First Newark.

  • A report from Elise Bates-Russell, director, Johnsonburg Camp and Retreat Center kicking off the summer camp registration season and sharing stories of lives transformed by welcome and hospitality. Information and a link to the video that was shared can be found here.

  • Kendall Cox, director of Living Water for the World, a mission partner of Johnsonburg, shared about their mission providing clean, safe water throughout the world, and an upcoming training for volunteers which will take place this fall on site at Johnsonburg. A flyer about their amazing work can be found here.

  • Pastor Doris Peterson and Pastor Kirk Woodward were elected Co-Moderators of the presbytery for 2022-23.

  • Rev. Denise Kennedy was elected treasurer. The rationale for the change in staffing model which precipitated this can be found here.

  • Presbyters were elected to presbytery teams and commissions, the final nominating slate can be found here.

  • We are grateful for all those God has called into service in the presbytery for such a time as this! We are also grateful for the faithful service of outgoing treasurer, Paul Karoyan.

  • We heard a report from Rev. Shelley Gardner who is the chaplain of the Jarvie program which is administered by the Presbyterian Foundation. She shared about that program which supports aging church members within a 50-mile radius of Columbus Circle, so our entire presbytery is within the catchment area. More information on the Jarvie program can be found here.

  • Elder Jerome Lane, Jr. shared about the community ministry efforts going on in our churches. There is a lot of very good ministry and mission happening! His slides can be found here.

  • A presbytery worship offering was taken in support of community ministry in our congregations. You may still donate here. When you donate, choose Stated Meeting Offering from the funds listed on the secure online giving site.

  • The Presbytery adopted an Overture to the General Assembly to add language about inclusion of those with disabilities to the 2 sections of the Foundations in the Book of Order. This overture requested by our Commission on Representation added language will standardize the language of inclusion with the main reference to including all of God’s diversity in our life together in the Church. The overture may be found here. (Since our stated meeting the Presbytery of the Peaks in Virginia and the Synod of the Northeast have concurred with the overture, and it has also received enthusiastic initial support from many groups which provide advice to the general assembly).

  • Rev. Dr. Carrie Mitchell of the Board of Pensions graciously yielded much of her time as the hour was getting late, but she lifted up the new care navigators program being introduced by the Board in April, and highlighted updates to the Board’s Assistance Programs which allow more people to benefit from them. Stay tuned for an upcoming seminar with Rev. Dr. Mitchell at which both employer reps and plan members will have opportunity to learn more and ask questions. In the meantime, she can be reached by email or phone and is glad to help with any questions. Contact her here.

Jeremy Campbell Organizing Co-leader and Stated Clerk

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