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Updated: 3 days ago

In addition to regular 9:15 ConnectEd and 10:30 Worship, Prospect Church has a number of events happening in December.

December 2-4 Middle High Retreat at Johnsonburg

December 3- Cub Scout Pack 20 Boat Races

December 4 - Second Sunday in Advent

December 4- 5:00 PM Potluck Supper for all!

December 10 - 1:00 PM Girl Scout Holiday Child Care

December 11- Third Sunday in Advent

December 11- 3:00 PM Decorating and Dessert

December 16 - 6:00 PM Girl Scout Holiday Child Care

December 17- Prospect Hunger Program Food drive for MEND

December 18- Fourth Sunday in Advent

December 18- After Worship - Make Lunches with Prospect Hunger Program

December 21- 7:30 PM Blue Christmas Service

December 24- 7:30 PM Christmas Eve Service

December 25- 10:30 AM Christmas Day Worship (No ConnectEd)

January 1- 10:30 AM Worship (No ConnectEd)

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As we begin to think about church staff transitions, we recognized that someone will have to open the church each Sunday. We are hoping to find four or five people willing to open the church on Sunday mornings. A procedures list an orientation will be provided. Please contact the church office if you are interested.

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Updated: 3 days ago

Worship Ministry team recognized that we grow weary of the reminders that we need people to serve as liturgists, greeters, clickers and fellowship hosts. In an attempt to cut down on emails seeking volunteers each week, we are putting together a team of liturgists and greeters, clickers and fellowship hosts... the goal is to get 16 people willing to serve as liturgists ( also clicker and fellowship hosts) three to four times per year. The goal for greeters is 32 people to serve three to four times per year. If you are willing to serve on any of these teams (or a couple of these teams) please contact the church office.


Worship Help/Greeters - greets participants and reminds about the need to be masked during worship. (2 per week)

Liturgist - helps lead the service with Rev. Dr. Rick Boyer by reading the prepared liturgy.

Clicker - Advances the slides in the powerpoint with the remote control.

Multi-Media Booth Staff - sets up the computers to live stream/record service (some training is required for this and can be arranged on your schedule)

Fellowship Hosts- set up serving area, make & serve coffee & tea (2 needed per week)

Communion Servers- Elder or Deacon (current or previous) to assist in serving Communion about once per month. (3 - 6 needed each month).