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The church office is looking for a few volunteers of any age to take photos of Prospect people in action. Pictures of worship services (discretely of course), fellowship time, regular events or special occasions. Pictures will be used on social media, in worship, in emails and on our current and new website. If anyone can help with this, please contact Faye in the church office. A lot of fancy equipment is not needed, a phone with a camera and a steady hand would be great.

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  • lisa26365

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

The beginning of a program year is a great time to volunteer to help around the church! There are both worship related positions- like greeting or clicking, and other chores like gardening, some office related items, and helping to clear out areas for the community to use. If you find yourself with a few hours to spare on a Sunday or other day, contact the church office... we have ideas for all levels of physical ability.

Specific Sunday Worship positions and brief descriptions, most take no more than an hour a week and can be done occasionally or as part of a rotating schedule:

* Greeter - greeting worship participants and helping them find what they need

* Clicker- using a remote computer mouse to advance the slides during worship

* Fellowship Time Host- make coffee or iced tea, set up and clean up

* MultiMedia Ministry Team Member- Set up audio/visual equipment and run sound and cameras for worship, livestream the service. Some basic training is needed for this job.

* Teaching ConnectEd for any age group.

Other times indoor jobs:

* Office scanning projects - historical documents need to be scanned into the computer and renamed to organize the files better.

* Helping clean out and organize supply closets and file rooms

*Bulletin Board Displays- update some of the outdated material on a particular ministry team's assigned bulletin board

* Help clean out rooms from ministries that are no longer using the items and work on a solution to remove the items from the premises (selling, donating, discarding).

Outdoor Jobs

*Maintaining any of the many particular gardens around the church and manse property

* Maintaining the fountain in the memorial garden (keeping it clean, and water filled)

*Trash and recycling cans brought in and out on specific days

Or, Join a ministry team. Volunteers are needed to help with all aspects of the church. Christian Education, Finance/Stewardship, Property, Worship Planning and Prospect Hunger Program! Most of these ministries meet monthly, in the evening, plus may have other projects to join in with- as a member of the team or not!

Contact the Church office for more information.

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  • lisa26365

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

The flower committee is ready to accept chancel flower memorials at this time. Please contact the office with the name of the person to be honored/memorialized and the date you would like to reserve. The contribution is $40, payable to "Presbyterian Women".

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