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Follow along with Sunday's worship service by printing out a worship bulletin (click document at bottom of screen) or just follow along here:

Worship Bulletin April 21 2024_ Growing
Download PDF • 256KB

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Prospect has started printing these again for children to use in worship- if you wanted to use them while you watch from home, you can download and print on your own.

"Kidswords" are aimed at second grade and up while "Little Kidsword" is for Pre-K to first grade.

Kidsword April 21
Download PDF • 495KB

Little Kidsword April 21
Download PDF • 630KB

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  • lisa26365

Updated: 3 days ago

In discussion with the leaders this week it was decided that we will begin offering an Adult Bible Study at 9:15 to 10:15 on Sunday mornings in the Burnett Room. This is a return to a previous Bible study and will be a time to sit with me and discuss the scripture text for the morning, delving into the history, tradition, and words of the text together and connecting them to our lives. We begin this Sunday, April 7th with Matthew 25:1-13 and the Parable of the ten young bridesmaids. 

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