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Worship as encounter with the living God cannot be limited to one hour per week. “Weekday Worship” invites you to extend your worship beyond the sanctuary, to hear the story of the Bible as your story, lived out each day of each week. Below is the "Weekday Worship" for you to consider for this week.

8-1-21 Weekday Worship
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Preparing at Home is a lectionary resource written by Rita Boyer, Certified Christian Educator, so that your family can prepare for next Sunday's worship.

8-1-21 Preparing at Home
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Updated: Jul 22

To join us for livestreaming of worship at 10:30 a.m. go to the Prospect Presbyterian Church channel on YouTube. By joining us in the livestream you will be able to join the discussion and send prayer requests to the worship leaders. (At 10:30 AM click the blue link, or go to If joining us in person, Welcome Back!

Other Sunday Worship Information

Leading worship this week are Rev. Dr. Rick Boyer, pastor; Peter Ncanywa, Music Director; Leeroy Moyo, liturgist and Deb Craft, cantor. Greeting- Ian and Jackie Hume. Multi-media team includes Jack Griffith and Ashlea Hume.

A Bulletin can be printed to follow along with the service.

Readings: John 6:1 –21, 2 Samuel 11:1 –15; Psalm 14; Ephesians 3:14 –21.

Children’s Activity Sheets: "Kidsword" (7+) and "Little Kidsword"(3+)

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